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#TSWIRL, our brand new community hub, will launch in 2024.

In 2024, The Seventh Wave will be launching #TSWIRL, a subscription-based digital hub for those in search of creative community. The acronym stands for The Seventh Wave (TSW) in real life (IRL). Priced at $7 a month, this hub will provide writers and artists with prompts, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, inspiration from some of today’s most renowned writers, and access to an unlimited number of one-time talks and offerings throughout the year. Our goal is to nurture a literary ecosystem that is accessible and equitable, actionable and exciting.If you have work that’s ready to be edited or published, submit to our magazine or our community anthologies; if you need space, time, and collaboration to deepen your creative practice, join one of our in-person or digital residencies; and if you want to be a part of a growing community of fellow creatives looking for monthly resources, prompts, and inspiration, then join #TSWIRL. Sign up for our mailing list to get all the latest updates as we roll this out in the new year.
Our first Bainbridge residency in 2019 was a super-sized one, with support staff (and two pups!) to help ensure it went off without a hitch. From left: Bretty Rawson, Gabrielle Bates, Scott Starrett, Courtney Young, Krista Starrett, Steph Jagger, Joyce Chen, D.A. Navoti, Callum Angus, Yasmine Boakye, and Brian Oh.

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