The residencies are our how.

Whether it’s four days or two weeks, take the time to center yourself, your writing, and your work as a creative in the world today.

In addition to publishing new voices each year through our magazine and our community anthologies, we also bring artists, writers, and activists together so that they can exchange ideas, share resources, and nurture their creative practices with one another. So that they can dig deeper into the hard conversations that impact how we view our lives, our environments, and our relationships. Are you a writer or artist who requires collaboration as a part of your process? Then join us. We invite you to be a part of the community we are building, one conversation at a time. At TSW, we have two types of residency programs: 1) in-person, bicoastal residencies, which range from four days to two weeks; and 2) cohort-based digital residencies, which are three-month incubators for conversation and collaboration:

  • Our in-person residencies — Rhinebeck, Bainbridge, and Normandy Park — are only open to past contributors, staff, and digital residents. Meaning, once you get published in our magazine or have been a part of a digital residency cohort, you are eligible to apply. These are free to apply to, as well as attend. The only cost you cover are for your flight and transportation, and the groceries for any meals you cook for everyone (our residencies are all about what we collectively bring to the table).
  • Our digital residency is open to anyone from around the globe. Whether you’re working on an idea, a piece, or a longer-length manuscript, our digital residency will give you the accountability, community, and support you need to deepen your relationship to your work. Once you go through our digital residency program, you become eligible to apply for any of our in-person residencies.
There is an application process for both residency types, as we curate every program we host to ensure a safe, diverse, and dynamic atmosphere. Take a look at each program’s page to get to know more about what they entail. If you have questions about either, email us at

The magazine is our what,
the residency is our how, and
the community is our why.

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