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We built this digital residency as a generative incubator for community and conversation, a way for artists and writers from around the world to create alongside each other.

Whereas our magazine and our community anthologies are for the writer who is ready to publish a piece, our digital residency, “Narrative Shifts,” is for the writer or artist who is looking to deepen their relationship to process. Modeled directly off our editorial and digital residencies — which were grant-based opportunities we hosted during the pandemic in lieu of our in-person residencies — this program is now a three-month, seven-session experience, introducing writers to new kinds of writing while deepening their relationship to their own work. This digital residency gets at the heart of what we love doing most: creating the necessary space, time, and environments for honest dialogue. For artists and writers to come together, to show up for themselves and each other, and to exchange ideas, questions, and curiosities. No matter where you are in your arc as a writer or artist today — maybe you haven’t done an MFA; maybe you have and it fell short of what you know the writing community can be; or maybe you’ve been in a creative rut for some years now — this program is for you. Applications for this residency will open in 2024. Sign up for our mailing list and stay tuned for full details then, including application guidelines, guest faculty and writers, timelines, and cost.

“I love that art was everyone’s goal; that we all had big questions of how to communicate the self in this world. That is what I want to be talking about and working on always, and everyone was present and loving for that work. I enjoyed how different everyone was and how open. I don’t really think magazines are like this experience, because these are really special people.”
Teri Vela, Digital Resident, 2020

“One of the main reasons I was able to continue writing, editing, and building community with other writers this year is because of Seventh Wave. The group became my writing and literary family for three months and I loved that we were able to talk about our concerns, big questions, writing tips, favorite Korean RnB songs, and our joy. With the support of Seventh Wave, I started an online poetry book club and am working on a poetry YouTube Channel now. I feel so grateful for the various ways Seventh Wave shows up for its writers, and for others I also want to be generous and bring a people-first mentality.”
Michael Frazier, Digital Resident, 2020

“This residency is unlike any other in that it supports you both in your writing and in your life. I found my creative well not just cared for, but added to by both The Seventh Wave team as well as my fellow cohorts whose insight and artistic drive created a virtuous cycle with my own creative process. The structure of the residency makes sure to reinforce your creative life, not overwhelm it, and the availability of the Seventh Wave team for any and all questions, thoughts, and advice ensured I was well-cared for. One of the best environments I’ve had the privilege to create within.”
Alysia Gonzales, Digital Resident, Spring 2021

“This residency, coming at the pivotal time that at did, was a reaffirmation of the power of community and an exercise in understanding how we constantly engage in (re)positioning our selves on the axis of the times we inhabit. From the first session to the final, our conversations were infused with the colours of who we were on that particular day, truly living rebellious joy, the re-holding space for both its nuances of ‘again’ and ‘in response’ to being. In the school that I work for part-time, we planted asagao (朝顔, Morning glory or if I were to translate literally, ‘Morning face’) flowers with some elementary school students a few months ago and to watch them blossom with the children lets me witness the magic that tenderness and time bring to growth. I think that with the TSW team and my cohort, I have had the joy to watch the asagao in me glow and grow. I also want to applaud TSW for curating each session with so much attention to detail. Pre-session materials, in-session exchange of ideas and post-session comments in our shared space were in perfect balance, giving us just what we need to make reflection on our roles and our art, and how they were in tandem with each other, a joyous process.”
Swastika Jajoo, Digital Resident, Spring 2021 

“I would encourage all writers who are looking for community to apply to Seventh Wave’s digital residency. There is such a special kind of learning that occurs at Seventh Wave. There is, of course, the learning of how to make your own writing truer to your needs, but there is also the learning of how to exist as a writer that is truer to yourself. Without The Seventh Wave, I would never have had the courage necessary to write the piece that was waiting to emerge. seventh wave encouraged and nurtured my writing every step of the way.”
Saba Keramati, Digital Resident, Fall 2021

“I really felt like we developed our own personal cheer squad with Seventh Wave and where most institutions sort of spit you out after graduate, I feel like I could get in touch with anyone from the residency and pick up where we left off. The beauty is that we commit to showing up for each other, and prioritising the community.”
Bobuq Sayed, Digital Resident, Fall 2021

“The Seventh Wave Residency reminded me about two things that hold true for me: 1) that writing should never be a solitary act; and 2) art is about people and connection, one should love people and use art as a medium to connect, and certainly not the other way around. I feel like I was welcomed as a person first, and the writing followed with that simple gesture. For that simple reframe, you should apply!”
Brian Dang, Digital Resident, Fall 2021 

“I’ve taken away so much from the residency, so I think I’ll try to sum it up in one word that best described my experience: peace. I always left the sessions feeling so deeply refreshed and balanced and at peace, which is something that’s very important to me, and also very hard to come by these days. […] I like the general idea that we were all reaching towards something with our writing, and in so many ways, we were allowing to reach with each other.”
Ariana Benson, Digital Resident, Fall 2021 

“Participating in this residency made me excited about writing again. There’s so many things I want to say that suddenly I find myself speechless. There was so much care and intentionality put into each element of the residency, everything felt as though it came from such a place of love and devotion. And it is infinitely inspiring to be around that energy, to be invited into that energy, to be a collaborator in that energy. Writing as a relational practice that we do for and with each other: like I said, it makes me want to write again. It made writing feel important and beautiful and necessary and urgent and alive. And we got to feel that all together.”
hannah rubin, Digital Resident, Fall 2021 

“The Seventh Wave community is one of the warmest and most supportive writing/artist communities I’ve ever encountered. I love their motto: we publish people, not pieces. I’ve only ever really experienced the more impersonal forms of publishing and it can be truly alienating. TSW gave me the mental and word count space to explore a topic that I knew wouldn’t be suitable for traditional magazines or journals. Because of that piece, so many individuals have reached out to me to tell me their experiences have been similar to what I wrote about, and reading the piece made them feel less alone. I’m grateful to TSW for that, most of all. They have the courage to publish pieces that are more exploratory and less formulaic. I actually have encouraged several people to apply for the residency and will continue to do so — what I tell them is that I do think this should be the future of publishing: editors who work with such compassion and open-mindedness (in addition to rigor) with their writers. It’s a collaborative experience, and writers don’t have to go it alone.”
LiAnne Yu, Digital Resident, Fall 2021 

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