We are community-crafted.

Welcome to Well-Crafted, our behind-the-scenes bulletin, where we share all things craft and curation, events and announcements.

We’ve always said that we are only as strong as our community, and we mean it: without contributors, without readers, without audience members and supporters, we wouldn’t be who we are as an organization today. But what does it actually look like to champion art in a capitalist society? How do we make good on our ethos of community care in an industry that so often thrives on a scarcity mentality and competition? 

Since we began in 2015, we’ve thought deeply on all of these issues, and though we’re always a work in progress, there are definitely a few things that we’ve gleaned over the years that we thought might be worthwhile to share. With this column, which we’re calling “Well-Crafted, we’ll share insight into the work that happens behind-the-scenes at TSW: why we do what we do in the way we do it. This space will also keep you up-to-date on our offerings, like upcoming (virtual) events, as well as news about our contributors and their work. This is also a space where we’ll spill some tips and tea: how to write a cover letter (that doesn’t cover up your voice), why we don’t read “blind” (and why you maybe shouldn’t either), and how to survive as a literary nonprofit in the world today. You’ll also get to see what TSW staff members are reading, watching, and listening to. Because for us, transparency is key to ensuring that we all thrive in this literary landscape that we share.

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