We're giving the editorial keys to curators.

In an era when we’re seeing literary magazines closing their doors, TSW is dedicated to building more platforms for our communities’ voices.

The Seventh Wave is thrilled to launch Community Anthologies, which allows us to double the number of people we publish per year. Think: special issues, folios, digital zines, mini series. Each year, we give the editorial keys to four curators — writers, artists, or editors — to create their own digital issue, showcasing the work of seven artists/writers in each, publishing a total of 28 additional voices per year. These Editors-in-Chief work in a cohort together, supporting each other as they curate their own call/topic, work with their seven contributors, and publish their anthology. We call them “community anthologies,” because that’s what they are: an anthology of community, conversation, and voice. The first four community anthologies will be publishing on January 16, 2024. Curious to get to know our 2023 Editors-in-Chief and the topics they curated? See below.

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We Keep Beginning:
An Anthology on Process

In this anthology, you’ll find musings about the use of line breaks and white space in poetry, as well as thoughts on rough drafts, nostalgia, and motivation (or a lack thereof). You’ll read about heartache, legacy, and representation, and why it matters who our contributors are creating for. What unites them all is an indelible dedication to their craft, and to understanding the impact and the role of their words in the context of the worlds around them.

Our next print anthology will likely be in 2025. Sign up for our mailing list and stay tuned for further information.

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